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Electroless Nickel – Our specialty! A uniform coating that gives a plated hardness of 50 RC.  We offer large size tanks to accommodate most part sizes.   ASTM-B-733-90, ASTM-B-656-91, Mil-C-26074E

High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel – superior corrosion resistance of 1/1000 of an inch (.001″) can withstand 1000+ hours in a salt spray test.   ASTM-B-733-90, ASTM-B-656-91, Mil-C-26074E

Gold – barrel and rack, 24 karat gold to your specifications. ASTM-B-488-95 / Mil-G-45204C

Silver – barrel and rack from .000010″ to .005″, to give your parts the exact finish that you need.  ASTM-B-700-90 / QQ-S-365D

Tin – barrel and rack, excellent solderability.  ASTM-B-545-92 / Mil-T-10727C

Copper – barrel and rack  ASTM-B-734-84 / Mil-C-14550B


Duplex coatings – most of our coatings can be combined to enhance the superior qualities of both coatings

Rush Service – Need those parts yesterday?  Try our rush service and get your parts back in as little as 24 hours !*

Substrates that are currently coated at Booth include iron and steel alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, and zinc die-cast. ASTM-B-183-79, ASTM-B-242-54. ASTM-B- 253-87, ASTM-B-254-92, ASTM-B-281-88, ASTM-B-320-60, ASTM-B-322-85,

* A minimum  rush charge of $15.00  will apply to orders that  must be processed in less than 2 working days.